Creating a millennial waterfront.

Transforming the former Festival Gardens, a 42-hectare brownfield site.

Establishing a culture.

Liverpool City Council asked K2 to produce a scheme that was based around ‘a culture’ of living. We set about establishing aspirations relating to lifestyle and city pride.



A comprehensive approach to regenerating the wider site with greater benefits for the local community and the city.



The intention is to revitalise the gardens and southern grasslands as public amenity space with opportunities for sport and recreation.

Visionary masterplan.

This community will be served by a plentiful and high-quality public realm, local retail facilities, cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. The intention is also to deliver a major cultural leisure destination and piazza at the centre of the site, whilst maintaining existing public open space.

Formulation of neighbourhoods.

The creation of a new ‘cultural garden suburb’ for this 90-acre site in a number of distinct neighbourhoods, comprising a diverse residential offer of up to 2,500 homes.


An underused river edge.

We want to encourage interaction with this great natural resource. A remodelled waterfront that enables direct interaction between land and water, including a more sheltered and attractive waterfront route for pedestrians.