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Heywood Civic Centre

A vibrant cultural hub for a diverse community


  • Rochdale


  • RIBA Stages 2-6


  • Lead Designer
  • Principal Designer


  • £4.5m


Rochdale Borough Council

This is not just a renovation; it is a celebration of Heywood’s past, present, and future.

Our proposal endeavours to breathe new life into Heywood Civic Centre by aligning it with the long-term vision set by the Arts Council for England.

We envision strengthening the bond between the community and arts providers such as Your Trust and Cartwheel Arts. Together, we will develop a comprehensive social infrastructure around the auditorium, fostering a sense of ownership and participation.

Through strategic investments in technology, community engagement, and the activation of Peine Square, we aim to transform Heywood Civic Centre into a vibrant cultural hub. This will not only empower Heywood’s diverse community but also foster creativity and collaboration for future generations.

This investment will all help us make much more of the assets we already have to tell a more powerful story, together with events and cultural activities across the borough, creating more opportunities for local people and visitors from across the region to participate in and enjoy culture here

Councillor Sue Smith
Cabinet member for communities and co-operation