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Westhoughton Town Hall

Repurposing a historic civic building


  • Bolton


  • RIBA Stage 1-6


  • Lead Designer


  • £4m


Bolton Council / Clear Futures

A classic Victorian-era building, is a cherished part of Bolton’s history.

A shift to hybrid work models has left many such buildings underutilised. The brief from Bolton Council was to find a new purpose for Westhoughton Town Hall that preserves its heritage and serves the community.

We aim to leverage the building’s unique character to drive market interest, whilst enhancing value through a restrained approach to design interventions, exploring innovative uses for ground floor spaces, whilst maintaining the building’s charm and accessibility.

Fundamentally, our design will balance commercial reality and social value whilst enhancing the building’s connection with the town’s residents.

Investing in our town and district town centres has been a huge priority of the council and we are determined to see Market Street and the Town Hall in Westhoughton as one the most attractive places to work, shop and relax in the town

Cllr Cox
Deputy leader of Bolton Council